THOROUGHLY scrub, exfoliate & shave every before your appointment. If possible shower a few hours before appointment. If you plan to shampoo & condition your hair, make sure you do before you exfoliate your body. Any shampoo/conditioner residue will cause your back to streak.

DO NOT use a moisturizing | creamy or oil based body wash. Stay away from bar soaps as they can alter the PH balance of your skin and make your tan not take. Make sure your body has no soap residue left on.

DO NOT apply any moisturizers, deodorant, perfume or make-up to your skin after your shower. They also act as an absorption barrier to the tanning solution and stops proper development of color.

WEAR loose fitted dark clothing to your appointment.


Do Not
Touch Water
Wash Hands
Apply Lotion or Make-up
Wear sneakers, bra or tight clothing

Shower 10-12 hours after session

Sunkissed Tan: Shower at 3.5 hours
Medium Tan: Shower at 4.5 hours
Dark Tan: Shower at 5.5 hours

rinse thoroughly your first shower. Use your hands or washcloth to remove the cosmetic bronzer from ALL areas of the body to prevent streaking. Water should run clear before exiting shower.

QUICKIE TAN NOTE: You will not be tan when you exit the shower. This is normal! Your tan will develop within the next few hours reaching its full color in 10-24 hours.

MOISTURIZE Daily. We recommend our paraben, mineral oil free Gradual Glow Body & Face made with natural ingredients, formulated to keep your skin moisturized and your tan lasting long.

Disclaimer: Things that may effect the longevity of your tan: Pools, hot tubs, baths, weather changes, changes in altitude, excessive alcohol consumption, salt water, heavy sweating & certain body washes & lotions.

Hydrating, moisturizing and avoidance of the above will help the longevity of your tan.

+How long will my tan last?

You can expect your tan to last anywhere from 7-10 days. If extending your tan is important to you we suggest purchasing our Glow tan extender which can extend your tan an additional 5 days or more!

+When should I tan for my event?

You should schedule your session 24 to 48 hours before your event.

+When should I tan for my Wedding?

Optimally 48 hours before your wedding day. We urge brides to come in for a test tan before the big day. This is so we can properly formulate your tan and make sure you are satisfied. A great time to do this is for your bridal shower or bachelorette party.

+Is it safe to Airbrush tan while pregnant?

We leave this decision to the client and their physician. That being said we have preggos come in all the time to tan. Our formulas use organic and natural ingredients with no parabens. Our DHA is derived from organic plant sources and has been approved by the FDA for external cosmetic use.


+What is sugaring?

Body Sugar is made of 100% Organic ingredients consisting of sugar, water and lemon. These ingredients are combined, heated and reduced to form a thick amber paste. The sugar is applied to the skin and the hair is removed in the same direction of hair growth resulting in the hair being pulled from the root.

+Why is sugaring better than waxing?

Sugar paste consists of completely organic ingredients, and is actually safe enough to eat! Wax is petroleum based.

Sugar paste is applied close to body temperature so there is no risk of burning the client’s skin. Wax is heated to a higher temperature which increases risk of burn, scarring and breakdown of epidermal tissues.

Sugar paste is water based and cannot adhere to live skin cells. It only removes the upper, dead skin cells. Because of this sugar is gentle enough to go over areas multiple times without causing skin irritation. Wax can adhere to live skin cells which makes hair removal more irritating and dangerous and can potentially lift the skin.

Sugar is water soluble and can be removed with just H2O. Wax, because it is petroleum based, is almost impossible to remove from surfaces, clothes and the client’s skin.

Sugar paste molds around the hair shaft and penetrates below the follicle opening. The hair is then pulled in the same, natural direction of growth, resulting in a smooth extraction. Wax hardens around the hair and pulls in the opposite direction of hair growth resulting in breakage.

Sugar, believe it or not, is a natural anti-bacterial substance. Since sugar paste contains high levels of sugar, bacteria cannot breed or live within it. Wax has no anti-bacterial properties so bacteria can easily breed within a wax jar.

Sugar paste extracts the hair in its early stages of regrowth so hair grows in finer. Frequent sugaring can also lead to permanent hair loss.

+How long does my hair need to be?

In order for the sugar to properly grab the hair it is recommended that they hair by no shorter than ¼ inch long

+Does sugaring hurt?

Sugaring pulls the hair directly from the follicle which can cause discomfort. Also depending on your where you are in your cycle, it may hurt less or more. If you are feeling sensitive, take 2 Aleve 1 hour before your appointment. The good news is the more you sugar the less painful it becomes!

+Can I get a brazilian if I am on my period?

Yes! We do all the time. All you need to do is make sure a clean tampon is inserted before your service. Please note your skin will be more sensitive the week before your menstrual cycle so sugaring may feel more painful.

+Are there any contraindications?

Anyone showing signs of redness, rashing, open and or abraded skin, an active lesion of Herpes Simplex I or II, sunburn (either from sun or tanning bed)psoriasis or eczema (in area to be waxed) cannot receive sugaring services.

Anyone using or currently have been using within the past 5 days the following medications: Accutane, Retin A, Renova, Differin or Avita cannot receive sugaring services.

Anyone having just receive a microdermabrasian or an acid peel cannot be sugared in the area that has been treated.