• THOROUGHLY scrub, exfoliate & shave every before your appointment. If possible shower a few hours before appointment.
  • If you plan to shampoo & condition your hair, make sure you do before you exfoliate your body. Any shampoo/conditioner residue will cause your back to streak.
  • DO NOT use a moisturizing | creamy or oil based body wash.  Stay away from bar soaps as they can alter the PH balance of your skin and make your tan not take.  Make sure your body has no soap residue left on.
  • DO NOT apply any moisturizers, deodorant, perfume or make-up to your skin after your shower. They also act as an absorption barrier to the tanning solution and stops proper development of color.
  • WEAR loose fitted dark clothing to your appointment.
  • AFTER we apply your tan be prepared to wait 10-12 hours until your actual tan develops.  During this time before your first shower make sure to be careful and not sweat, wash hands, touch water, wear a bra or make-up.  (Express Tan wait only 3-5 hours to shower)


  • Do not rub, touch skin, touch water,perspire or apply products to your skin during tan development time.
  • When showering avoid harsh soaps & body washes (especially DOVE products or products with mineral oil). Try using lukewarm water. The longer and hotter the shower, the faster your tan will fade.



  • Hair must be at least ¼ inch long
  • If you are feeling sensitive, take 2 Aleve 1 hour before your appointment.
  • No sugaring if you are taking or using any medication that will thin the skin, such as Accutane or Retin-A.
  • The skin is more sensitive the week before your menstrual cycle so waxing may feel more painful.


  • No shaving between waxing appointments. Shaving will make your wax more painful and cause broken hairs, which will leave the skin feeling prickly.

No direct sunlight or extremely hot water on the area 24 hours post sugar. If you’ve done facial sugaring it is important to wear sunblock.